Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pilgrimage Day 8: A day for resting in Navarette

I have laid down my backpack and my shoes are resting. It was not the way I had planned at all. But 
the unexpected has happened again and I have much to learn from this. Especially how to find rest and to understand that I need to rest. Thinking and doing are not always the same thing. I need time in order to allow my body to rest. I use the time to care for the wound under my foot. I went to the local pharmacy and bought ointment that is good for inflammation in wounds. I feel right away that the ointment was good. I'm changing the wound several times during the day.  In the evening I go out for a walk. Only now do I see that I live close to the Virgin's Resurrection Church, or as they say so beautifully in Spanish: "Asuncion de la Virgen". It is a magnificent church and just as I was looking at the church, is a newly wed couple comes out of  the church and lots of party guests after them. It was great fun to see. Happy people was something I needed to have around me right now. At the top of the tower, I see about 10 storks that have made nests. These huge birds are magnificent to see, especially when they fly. Strange that so huge birds can fly. After watching the bridal couple and storks, it's time to get some food.

Right outside the hotel is an idyllic cafe with a Matrona of a waiter. When people order food here, she (the waiter) does not write down the order and goes in with it. No, she just cries out loud after Pedro and shout out the order, almost singing as if she were in an opera. This brings everyone in a good mood. I remember the philosophical statement from my Danish friend a few days ago: "It is important to be in a good mood, or else you become sour". I'm not sour or in a bad mood ​​tonight. I enjoy the atmosphere, a good meal and a bottle of wine from the local winery. Life is quite good.

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