Thursday, May 12, 2011

Practice is always concrete

Practical is often understood as a contradiction to theory. We often say that some people know thinks with their hands while others can do things in their head. But I say that when you don not have it in your head, you do not have it at all. Theory has become an instrumental concept in a scientific framework. Education is today research based. Practice, to the extent that we at all know what it means, is often today about how we use science / knowledge. The ideal in our society today is having control through social sensible measures. Experts take the role of practical and social experience. All of the new social media and communication technology in general helps to achieve this. Our expert society means that fewer and fewer people make decisions and an increasing number of people help the experts. Being practical today is rduced to techniques and procedures.

Practice is characterized, however, of work, and the product of one's work does not belong to the individual, but to the community. Another characteristic of practice is the language. It is language that makes it possible for us to interact and create our community. Practice is also characterized by taking an option. To commit to something and against something. When I want something, I begin to reflect, whether I want it or not, but finally I must make a choice. Making the choice is practice. Practice is always concrete.

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