Friday, June 22, 2012

The King and Queens backyard in Oslo

For the last three days, I've been in Oslo, attending a course in order to learn how to write proposals for research fundings to the EC. I've learned about how important it is to study carefully what the evaluators want to fund, how to build a successful proposal concept and a consortium, I've recieved training in writing skills, learned about implementation, impact, intellectual property, and about the evaluation process. I've also learned about the important role played by the administration team, about project management and reporting. All this in just three days. The goal has been to "increase success rates and to avoid common pitfalls". I could have shown some pictures from the writing skill course, but I'm afraid the pictures would have seemed dull and gray. So here's some pictures from where the King and Queen of Norway lives here in Oslo. I took a walk each afternoon, after classes, to the King and Queens beautiful backyard and spent time "just looking". Not writing or thinking about how bureaucrats in the EC are evaluating me just now. "Just looking."

Way back in 1977-1978, I was also here as a soldier in His Majesty the King's Guard. I had then been married for 2 years and my oldest daughter Kristine was a year old. The Kings Guard looks just the same today as for 37 years ago. We had the same uniforms, used the same rifle, marched the same way, and seemed just as proud as these soldiers here from today. This picture is from the changing of the Guard, which is done every second hour, every day of the year. I was moved by seeing these soldiers again. For 37 years ago, a marched just the same way and had the responsibility of leading the formal change of the Guards. 

There's lots to see around the Royal Palace. To the front of the Palace I have a view towards the city of Oslo. If you I were to walk straight ahead from where I am standing in this picture, I'd come to the Norwegian Parliament building (Stortinget). It's just a ten minutt walk from here. Every year at May 17th, thousands of children walk up this road to greet the King and Queen of Norway. On May 17th 1814, Norway formally declared its independence from Sweden through the signing of a Constitution. We have as a nation celebrated this day each year on the same day, and a typical way of celebrating is through the childrens parade. 
On the other side of the Palace, is the King and Queens backyard. And it's open for everyone. Just fantastic. It's remarkable that everyone can walk so close to the Palace and even stroll through their backyard. Here are some pictures of their backyard. This is where I have spent several hours each afternoon during my stay here in Oslo. "Just looking."

Kaare T. Pettersen

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